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Salubrainous.com simplifies the research on various disorders affecting the brain and nerve health as well as mental health for you. We also uncover the science behind natural treatments and supplements for better brain and nerve health.

Various neurological diseases, mental health conditions and other disorders which involve the nervous system can be prevented and ameliorated with natural care.

Mitigating these issues is possible when the latest research on brain health, in simple human terms and without any adulteration, reaches everyone.

And that’s what we do for you!

We are devoted to the idea of simplifying research for you and to enable you to make better health decisions.

  • We spend hours or rather days researching and composing evidence-based reader-friendly
  • We cite as many relevant pieces of evidence from reliable scientific databases such as PubMed, EMBASE, Europe PMC, SciELO, PsycINFO, Scopus, Semantic Scholar and place them at your fingertips for you to verify.
  • We take utmost care to identify the dosages, possible drug interactions and potential effectiveness of the natural agents.

Yes, we put in gigantic proportions of efforts and research before presenting an article to you. And we publish the content with good faith.

But it’s not our aim to provide medical advice. Our aim is to help you understand the research and provide you with sufficient knowledge to make better health decisions. (Please read our Disclaimer for more details).

Our Team of Health Writers

We are the bunch of life science graduates who craft the awesome and super-detailed research-based content at Salubrainous.com

Shruti Baikerikar (B.E. Biotechnology, PGD Clinical Research)

Shruti BaikerikarShruti Baikerikar is the founder and chief editor at Salubrainous.com and also an independent researcher and freelance health writer. She completed her Bachelors in Engineering, Biotechnology from Mumbai University and Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research.

Her research interests include Computational Biology and Drug Design, Phytotherapy and Neuroscience.

She loves the idea of delivering evidence-based healthcare knowledge to readers and educating them to make better decisions about their health. Her personal journey through Major Depressive Disorder gave her an active insight about the biological element of depression and mental health and how this element can be harnessed with supplements, yoga and cognitive training to support recovery. [ Linkedin , Google Scholar Profile ]

Samiksha Sharma (B.Tech, M.Tech Biotechnology)

Samiksha Sharma has completed Btech-Mtech Biotechnology from Dr D.Y Patil University, Mumbai.

She loves researching about various topics of Health and Wellness particularly Neuroscience, Reproductive health and Autoimmunity.

Samiksha is passionate about health writing as she aspires to utilize her knowledge by decoding complex scientific information and thereby providing healthcare solutions to people for achieving a holistic healthy lifestyle. [ Linkedin ]

Swetha Subramanian (B.Tech Biotechnology)

Swetha has completed B.Tech in Biotechnology from  Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore.

She is very much interested in computational studies of human diseases.

Swetha is passionate about researching and loves writing. She thinks health writing as a means to connect with people to help them in improving their life. [ Linkedin ]

Sudharshana Sundaresan (B.Tech Biotechnology, MS Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Sudharshana Sundaresan is pursuing her MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Trinity College Dublin following her undergraduate in Biotechnology from Anna University.

Her primary research interests include targeted drug delivery of compounds for neuroinflammatory diseases.

Also, as a health writer, she believes that science should not only be jargons and volumes of data for scientists but always translate into simplified benefits for society as well. [ Linkedin ]

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