About Me

meWelcome to Salubrainous! I am Shruti Baikerikar, and I have created this blog to help you enhance your brain health. (…and also to give my passion a platform!)

I am a researcher at heart and professionally a freelance health writer.

What’s my passion you may ask? Delivering awesome health to everyone and creating aids that make it possible.

I chose to graduate as a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology to acquire basic knowledge for researching and developing healthcare solutions.

My passion for finding healthcare solutions brought me to freelance content writing for Health and Wellness where I realized I could write the real science behind natural health care, educate people and change their lives for better with a blog post.

On a personal front I have experienced Major Depressive Disorder and understood the importance of brain health. This inspires me to educate and create awareness about natural care for brain and nervous system.

As a nerd, I still invest time in conducting independent research in bioinformatics. Also I enjoy practising yoga, reading and going for long walks.

Why the name ‘Salubrainous’? How Salubrainous intends to elevate your brain health?

Combining my research and writing skills, I have developed Salubrainous to educate everyone about the brain and nervous system health and how natural care can aid in restoring brain health and preventing damage to it.

Salubrainous is a play on the word ‘Salubrious’ which means healthy or health giving. (Originates from Latin word ‘salubris’ where ‘salus’ means health)

Do you have a brain or nervous system disorder but the conventional medicines are not delivering the therapeutic effect you desire?

Or you just want to know if there is any way you could prevent yourself from inheriting the genetic lineage of a neurological disease?

Perhaps you just want to take better care of your loved ones?

Salubrainous.com is the place where you can educate yourself about brain health, related disorder and treatment strategies which are extracted from reliable sources and explained in a way that you can understand it.

Each article on this website is prepared after hours of research and keeping in mind the patient’s care.

Articles on Salubrainous have links to reliable research databases and scientific papers which you can evaluate yourself.


What is the mission of Salubrainous?

Various neurological diseases, mental health conditions and other disorders which involve the nervous system can be prevented and ameliorated with natural care.

Mitigating these issues is possible when latest research on brain health, in simple human terms and without any adulteration, reaches everyone.

Salubrainous aims to ‘Simplify Brain Care For All’!

Through Salubrainous, I aim to increase people’s awareness of mental and brain health, diminish the stigma associated with it and equip everyone with the knowledge required to take care of the best gift we have received from nature-Our brain!

You can join me as well. It is really simple! Sign up for the newsletter via the form on the right side (or bottom if you are checking this via your mobile or tablet) for regular updates on Natural Brain Care and share it with your friends as well.

Let’s help everyone achieve their Salubrious Brain!